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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Trigonometric Values

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Today, we learned about Trigonometric Values
Here are some examples:

a) sin 80 degree --> to find the sin of eighty degree you need a scientific calculator or it will never work "remember set it to degrees". So you have to press sin, the 80 degree and press equals sign. and presto! there is your answer! and the answer is 0.98 oh and by the way read the questions carefully because they ask for the nearest whatever place value they like. and in this case, you have to put it in the nearest hundreth.
But some people have different calculators like MaryAnn's she have to put sin(the number here) she needs to put the numbers in brackets first, and then press the equals sign.
oh and Mrs. Ingram gave us a chart of some sin values and cosine values
http://www.filelodge.com/files/hdd2/25578/chart.bmp just go here.... and just make it bigger so it's clearer. Cause somehow i can't upload it. there's some errors so yeah.
oh and in number 2 we have to say if it is acute or obtuse so to do that:
a) sin angle A = o.50
so you have to use the 2nd function here.
So you press 2nd function then sin and then 0.50 and then you press the equals and you will get 30 degrees.
So this an acute angle.
You can tell this because acute angle is less than 90 degree and an obtuse angle is more than 90 degree angles.

well i think this is all though cause it's all the same anyways, and the other ones are just looking for the angle. and you do that by using the 2nd function key and then press whatever in the 3 laws that they are asking to find.


exercise 18: # 1-6 and 11-15

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